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Re: [Phys-L] Inference Lab Design

I'm not familiar with the Lawson Test. A quick internet search is
showing me lots of relatively useless post-intro course surveys but no
actual Lawson (which seems to be the ideal they are aiming for with the

This semester I am teaching a Core Science course (lower level than
overview, absolutely non-math approach) for Physics. The only
description for the course at all is that it is supposed to help develop
scientific reasoning, or at least an understanding of the scientific
thought process.

So just on the vague description I have so far, it sounds like Lawson's
test may lead toward some useful material for me to use on exams in this
course. It would be nice as generating my own questions will be quite
hit-or-miss to actually test reasoning, instead of memorization of
something I had stated in class (but still be possible to answer).

Jacob Turner - (208)885-2730
Director of Physics Laboratory Education
University of Idaho

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You're not familiar w/ the Lawson test of scientific reasoning? There
is a Scantron version.

I agree. I suspect it required years of testing, etc. to develop.

bc found it not easy!
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