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[Phys-l] A Conjecture on Baryogenesis and Leptogenesis A Just So Story

A Conjecture on Baryogenesis and Leptogenesis

I would like to offer a conjecture on the interesting topic of how the
particles that make up our universe were created. At this point I will offer
a just so story. A more formal treatment may be forthcoming.

Our just so story starts with an idea that Bob Klauber and I offered, the
notion of an expanded set of solutions of the relativistic equations. This
part isn't really needed for our just so story but I can't resist offering

At the beginning there existed four scalar fields the Cosmon, anti-Cosmon,
negative Cosmon and negative anti Cosmon field. I quote Bob Klauber on this

"The absence of observed real supplemental particles (negative Cosmon
and negative anti Cosmon) may be conjectured as being related to the fact
that reversing the arrow of time in the supplemental solutions produces the
traditional solutions. ( Cosmon and anti Cosmon) That may mean, with regard
to perception, that real supplemental particles travel backward in time.
Thus one might speculate that the Universe needed no initial energy from
which to begin, with equal amounts of traditional and supplemental particles
emerging from nothing. From there the real negative energy supplemental
particles traveled backward in time, and in the process created their own
Universe. which would appear to any beings in that Universe to posses positive
energy. The traditional particles traveling forward in time, created our
Universe and appear to us as having positive energy. Each Universe would only
have one kind of real particle, but virtual particles of both type. And this
would result in null vacuum energy and null (or near null) cosmological
constant. In this scenario, the act of creation itself would have been the
first, and most fundamental symmetry breaking of nature's laws."

In this just so story the Cosmon fields which are assumed to also be the
Inflaton fields are identified as the various sfermion fields. When the
quanta of these field acquire mass from some symmetry breaking event their
quanta will decay;

sfermion= Fermion + bosonino

Most of these decays cannot result in matter and anti matter
asymmetry due the constrains of the various charges the Fermion carry. So the net
result is the massive annihilation of matter and anti matter. In fact this
would occur even before the decay indicated above took place to any extent.

However, one specious of sfermion particles would avoid this fate, at least
to some degree and this would be the sfermion singlet field which carries
no charge. This is the singlet in the SO(10) symmetry. In our just so story
we assume a doubled SO(10) symmetry with a SO(10)_L and a SO(10)_R
spectrum of fermions.

This would give us a right handed and left handed singlet particles. But
being unconstrained by charge conservation there need not be a perfect
balance of left and right handed singlets (Angular momentum conservation not
being an issue due the Bosonino quanta) So in our Universe we would have a
greater number of right handed Fermion singlets and in the time reversed
Universe described about a predominance of left handed Fermion singlets.

So we get

sfermion= fermion(singlet)_L + bosonino _L

sfermion= fermion(singlet)_R + bosonino _R

fermion(singlet)_L = neutrino_R +Higgs

fermion(singlet)_L = anti-neutrino_R +Higgs

And via the Sphaleron process

Anti- electron neutrino + anti-muon neutrino + anti tau Neutrino = U
+d +d + c+s+s+T+b+b

Would be the favored process in our Universe producing the full
spectrum of standard model particles

In the time reversed Universe

electron neutrino + muon neutrino + tau Neutrino = anti[U]
+anti[d] +anti[d] + anti[c]+anti[s]+anti[s]+anti[T]+anti[b]+anti[b]

would be the favored process producing the full spectrum of standard
model anti particles for the time reverses Universe. ( from our perspective)

Note that in this just so story we have the production of numerous
Bosoninos which would leave us with the LSP SUSY particle we need for Dark
matter. So this ends my just so story and it has a happy ending.

Bob Zannelli