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Re: [Phys-l] Fuel Cells for an electric bicycle


About seven years ago there was a 'contest' of sorts here in NC that used a fuel cell to power a six-inch-or-so long super light weight race car over about a 3 or 4 meter distance.
The H2 and O2 were generated by electrolysis using two AA cells. And stored in rubber balloons.
The fuel cell was approx 2" x 2" tops.
The fuel cell cost was heavily subsidized by the 'Trade Group' that was pushing the technology.

For a full sized human-scaled bicycle I would expect that you would need steel tanks for the H2 and O2 storage. and some VERY expensive fuel cells.

(Not meaning to be TOO negative. Look for some fuel cell 'interest group' to sponsor your excellent project.)

At 7:11 AM -0800 1/30/10, wrote:
My class is building an electric bicycle. We want to purchase a hydrogen operated fuel cell to run the bicycle, to be used instead of batteries. Any suggestions for reasonable-cost fuel cells would be welcome.