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Re: [Phys-l] Another computer advance?

Apropos, I found at the Monterey Pub. Lib. "The heart of Technology", Miguel F. Aznar

A strategy for understanding and evaluating our rapidly changing tools

Curiously, only one find on Google search: "The heart of Technology" aznar

"Tech. has long augmented our abilities, but remained outside our bodies. .... For many "electronic prosthesis" evokes the image of the omnipresent cell. 'phone. .... How many will be willing to have these external tech. enhancements implanted?

Although many might be repulsed at the idea initially, consider how quickly social acceptance came to cell 'phones. etc. etc." p105


Why light water power in the US only?

On 2010, Jan 13, , at 07:26, John Clement wrote:

Watch the following for a possible new wave in computers and usage:

Unfortunately my age shows up when I look at this and primarily see all
the negative aspects of cell-phones multiplied by several times! ;-(

But technology is neutral. So for every bad thing, you may get some good
things. I immediately thought of using some of his cheap technology in some
very good devices.