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Re: [Phys-l] suggestions for simulations/web sites?

Here is a link that should get you to a whole suite of Spanish language applets that were rated as being very good by MERLOT. I have had some communication with the author and can recommend both applets and site as well as the individual. The material is free.


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Subject: [Phys-l] suggestions for simulations/web sites?


I will be spending three months in Argentina starting in March. I have
been invited to talk about using the internet, simulations, computers
teach physics (high school through university). I know a fair amount
about this but can't possibly know everything. If you have come across
something cool (and free- they have few resources to buy things) along
these lines I would really appreciate it if you please send me a link
think off-list would be better). It would particularly useful if it is
available in Spanish.

What I have so far: Phet simulations, Physlets simulations, Easy Java
Simulations, Tracker (video analysis software), a handful of other
to physics simulations and animations in Spanish, Vpython, the ComPADRE
site, There is a lot more out there but these seem to be
high quality, free and available in a Spanish version. (I can send
to these if anyone hasn't seen them.)

Thanks in advance.


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