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Re: [Phys-l] thermodynamics assessment

On 01/10/2010 01:52 PM, Rauber, Joel wrote:
One minor criticism of the quiz, of the "matters of taste" variety.
Knowing your personality and/or making some not too outrageous
assumptions about the a possible author of the quiz based on several
of the more "obvious" questions; a person might make the guess that
all the answers are "N" and score a 100%.

The "utility" of the quiz might be enhanced by rewording the
questions for a mix of Y and N answers. Of course, I realize the
quiz I partly tongue in cheek and therefore the all N answer quiz is
itself making a point that would probably be obscured by my

I agree with all that ... especially the last part.

I might go even farther: The whole thing is a travesty.
It is 100% tongue in cheek. It's a joke at the expense
of quizzes in general (as well as thermodynamics).

I disdain multiple-choice tests in general. I reckon every
test measures "something" ... but multiple choice tests
don't seem to measure the sort of things I care about. The
idea of "improving" a T/F test reminds me of mythbusters
episode 113.