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Re: [Phys-l] thermodynamics assessment

One minor criticism of the quiz, of the "matters of taste" variety. Knowing your personality and/or making some not too outrageous assumptions about the a possible author of the quiz based on several of the more "obvious" questions; a person might make the guess that all the answers are "N" and score a 100%.

The "utility" of the quiz might be enhanced by rewording the questions for a mix of Y and N answers. Of course, I realize the quiz I partly tongue in cheek and therefore the all N answer quiz is itself making a point that would probably be obscured by my suggestion.


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Hi --

Here is a short, simple quiz:

It consists of a few true/false questions, covering
things that students might learn in a standard thermo

You will quickly discover that this does not have much
direct value as a classroom quiz ... but you may find
it amusing and/or indirectly useful.

This should not be too closely linked to my previous
"amusing" math quiz; this one is amusing in a different
way. It is also much easier to grade.

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