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Re: [Phys-l] OT: Reflecting on Ethics (was A geek's ... "Avatar")

On 2010, Jan 05, , at 16:47, Hugh Haskell wrote:

So I guess I'm stuck with the system we have, and need just be
thankful that I'm not related to the original occupiers of the land I
now occupy.

That's the reason I gave to two friends who, ad hominem, questioned my renting out my Lompico house -- not much choice when living in the belly of the beast.

On 2010, Jan 05, , at 16:47, Hugh Haskell wrote:

Early societies used
the land either communally or temporarily before moving on. No
thought was given to "ownership." So ownership had to start
somewhere, and hence the ownership went to whoever got there first or
whoever had the most weapons, or however much you could successfully
defend, or some combination thereof.

The origin, I think, of the expression Indian giving. They welcomed the Europeans until they discovered they weren't going to "move on".

I think the "acts of enclosure" was the end of one solution.

bc notes the Marxist interpretation, and would, by the BLS's definition, be poverty stricken w/o that rental.

p.s. in socialist Russia one could own only one dwelling space and most rented. The state enclosed and owned the land.