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Re: [Phys-l] OT: Reflecting on Ethics (was A geek's ... "Avatar")

Not a great risk for the police or Blackwater guards, evidently.

bc notes a kerfufel over the nocking down and handcuffing of an 80 year old grandmother of a suspected gang member in a nearby community. The sheriff countered, when LULAC complained about excessive force, with they were more interested in coddling criminals than deterring crime. Fortunately, the Local paper in a long editorial praised LULAC and the ACLU (also involved) and blasted the sheriff.

bc, proud card carrying member of the ACLU.

On 2010, Jan 04, , at 20:16, Brian Whatcott wrote:

I suppose I also ought to mention that someone who uses deadly force to
try to detain a thief, risks
the most severe treatment that the system of law allows: long
imprisonment, or capital execution.
Bob undoubtedly knows this.