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Re: [Phys-l] UV-curable epoxies?

You may well find that many clear epoxies are 'UV curable' whether sold as such or not.
We found quite by accident that a thin layer of stycast coated on paper would be cured by the exposure given by a Xerox machine.

And my wife was quite taken aback by how fast her fiberglas+resin repair on her horse trailer would setup in full sunlight.

At 5:03 PM -0700 10/22/10, curtis osterhoudt wrote:
Hi, all,

A colleague and I are thinking of freezing some particle dispersion patterns
in epoxy, but we need something that's relatively optically clear once cured,
isn't TOO expensive, isn't super-viscous until it's cured, and can be obtained
in volumes that aren't microscopic. Does anyone on this list have experience
with UV-cured epoxies, and can recommend for/against any particular ones? I may
have to ask my local dentist, too.