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Re: [Phys-l] UV-curable epoxies?

Don't know about UV cure, but hobby stores often sell high clarity epoxies for encapsulating artistic things like dried flowers and other interesting things.

To get rid of bubbles you need to put it in a vacuum chamber and slowly evacuate for a few minutes.

Michael Edmiston
Bluffton University

curtis osterhoudt <> wrote:

Hi, all,

A colleague and I are thinking of freezing some particle dispersion patterns
in epoxy, but we need something that's relatively optically clear once cured,
isn't TOO expensive, isn't super-viscous until it's cured, and can be obtained
in volumes that aren't microscopic. Does anyone on this list have experience
with UV-cured epoxies, and can recommend for/against any particular ones? I may
have to ask my local dentist, too.


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