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Re: [Phys-l] Prof. Hal Lewis resigns from APS

I am so happy that my clairvoyance is impressive. But the plain fact is
that he called global warming research a scam and pseudoscience. This
telegraphs to any reader that Lewis wants the APS to agree with his
position, and is frustrated because they did not. As to whether the APS did
or did not follow their own proceudures, I do not know. So it is now a case
of he said, they said. The inflammatory language also guarantees that the
APS officers are likely to harden their positions.

When using natural language (not legalese), how you say things is often as
important as specific requests. I think the message was quite clear with
all of the accusations that were made. You don't have to be an English
major to understand it.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX

I am impressed by Dr. Clement clairvoyance about Dr. Lewis' intentions.
Nevertheless, all Dr. Lewis requested was for APS to follow its own
procedure. A petition with sufficient number of signatures was submitted,
yet APS chose to ignore its own process.