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Re: [Phys-l] Prof. Hal Lewis resigns from APS


You seem to get it. Thank you for your post. The group that is petitioning the APS feels that the APS
has made no effort to examine the science before it has made its public statement. It wants an open
discussion/investigation before a statement is made. It isn't right that a group of scientists should rely
on another group's opinion to take such a stance on such an important issue without serious


On 14 Oct 2010 at 23:36, Zeev Wurman wrote:

Doesn't it strike anyone here as strange that Dr. Lewis' main issue was with
the way APS refused to follow its own procedures and allow discussion on the
issue. He was not arguing whether AGW is right or wrong -- he was arguing
that the behavior of the East Anglia crowd was disgraceful, and that APS is
stonewalling and blocking discussion.

Yet essentially all debate here ignores this. Are you OK with the way APS
conducted itself?

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 11:49 AM, Folkerts, Timothy J <> wrote:

In case you all hadn't realized, this topic is spreading wildly on some
blogs, such as the popular "climate skeptic" blog "Watt's Up With That".

You can pretty well guess the tone of the blog and the responses from
this quote: "This is an important moment in science history. I would
describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95
theses to the Wittenburg church door."

The original post (with over 500 replies) is:

A follow-up post discussing the APS response (with over 200 more posts)

We need to realize that this is how scientists are viewed by a
significant (and vocal) part of our society.

Tim Folkerts
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