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Re: [Phys-l] Sig figs


I suspected as much, and quickly found them (at UCSC) very knowledgeable about materials and methods. I always solicited their advice and often they would have a better idea of "how to do it". This is not surprising, as they did much work for SLAC in addition to the dept. and Chem., and Bio. too.

bc remembers (ca 1956) the mechanician at UCSB (only one at the time) helping me build a vacuum deposition station.

On 2010, Oct 17, , at 01:38, Michael Edmiston wrote:

But I always found that machinists liked talk to you
about you are doing. They might not understand the physics, but they
understand the mechanical parts, and they can often make design suggestions
you haven't thought of. So I would visit the shop with sketches and
half-finished drawings, and ask for advice. Of course this only works in an
environment where you can talk to the machinists face-to-face as opposed to
simply submitting finished drawings.