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Re: [Phys-l] Sig figs

I think the idea is if I specify I want an inch but write 0.999 is ok and he's tuning he'll stop there. This, of course is just before the accuracy available w/ position encoders.

bc doesn't remember what the UCSB machinist wanted (55 years ago)

p.s. I think you just used sig. figs. Don't let JD know.

On 2010, Oct 14, , at 19:56, Michael Edmiston wrote:

I don't know where your machinists came from, but here is what my experience
is, and I have worked with many machinists at many different places,

If you ask for 1.011" you will get 1.011".

If you ask for 1.0" you will get 1.000".

Same price