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[Phys-L] Re: FL stamps out dictator professors

"I find most of them rather endearing in their clueless approach to things."

The above is very similar to a statement an ex lover and friend (now
also ex) sent me. That ad hominem was the straw. Lakoff * has an
explanation for why their (cluless faculty) approach works and is,
therefore, not cluless. An example: [Remember, a generalization but
largely true.] Republicans let the baby cry; Democrats pick the baby up
and comfort. The latter results in happier people, tho maybe less wealthy.

I won't object if some one among you sets up a list for Physicists'
philosophy and politics.

* e.g. Moral Politics

bc, daughter rarely cried, as we anticipated.

p.s. Why do you think there are so many lefties in academia?

Bob LaMontagne wrote:

If my college decided to eliminate all the "leftist" professors, there would
only be a handful of us remaining. I agree that the imbalance in left and
right leaning politics in the faculty is totally out of control, but I don't
see firing all the liberals as a solution. Actually, I find most of them
rather endearing in their clueless approach to things.

Bob at PC

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Please excuse the cross reposting. Here is an interesting issue. No=
w if
they voted to stamp out bad teaching we would all be in trouble. Of =
they do not consider that leftists could sue the rightist professors,=
what about the evolutionists suing the creationist professors.

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