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[Phys-L] Re: Polarity of a 1F (super) capacitor

As far as I know, the polarity doesn't matter. At least for the 1 F c=
apacitor that I bought. As I understand it, these extra-large-capaci=
tance devices don't have polarity. In general, there is such a thing=
as a non-polarized electrolytic. We use the 10 uF size from Radio S=
hack in our RC Circuits lab. - Vickie


=46rom: Forum for Physics Educators on behalf of Paul D. Price
Sent: Thu 3/24/2005 7:25 PM
Subject: Polarity of a 1F (super) capacitor


I have recently purchased several 1 F electrolytic (super) capacitors=
several labs and demos. However, I am having trouble discerning whic=
h side
is positive for the polarity of the capacitor. I note the the cap ha=
s a
long and short connector, but there is little else (such as an arrow =
etc) to
clearly define the polarity. Before I accidentally reverse the polar=
while charging does anyone with a 1F cap have any insight for me to
guarantee the polarity direction?

Paul D. Price
Science Dept. Chair
Trinity Valley School
Ft. Worth, Texas 76132
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