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[Phys-L] Re: FL stamps out dictator professors

Credo: Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up."

This is a perturbation of the business philosophy from the Norman
Vincent Peale credo: "Successful businessmen reach decisions
quickly...and rarely, if ever, change their position."

Which explains why "corporate" misdeeds are rarely, if ever, changed.

While the scientific community is no less guilty of narrowness of
focus, (especially in administrative approaches), it at least pays
lip service to a course correcting feedback procedure that starts
with the premise that being *right* is irrelevant. It is not about
starting with the right conclusion and adapting the data to hoodwink
those who fail to go along to get along (out of a need to be on the
cutting edge of $ ?)

If it were, we'd have examples like...(cold fusion?, you pick) well,
that's another old topic.

"I find most of them rather endearing in their clueless approach to things."

The above is very similar to a statement an ex lover and friend (now
also ex) sent me. That ad hominem was the straw. Lakoff * has an
explanation for why their (cluless faculty) approach works and is,
therefore, not cluless. An example: [Remember, a generalization but
largely true.] Republicans let the baby cry; Democrats pick the baby up
and comfort. The latter results in happier people, tho maybe less wealthy.

I won't object if some one among you sets up a list for Physicists'
philosophy and politics.

* e.g. Moral Politics

bc, daughter rarely cried, as we anticipated.

p.s. Why do you think there are so many lefties in academia?

Bob LaMontagne wrote:

If my college decided to eliminate all the "leftist" professors, there would
only be a handful of us remaining. I agree that the imbalance in left and
right leaning politics in the faculty is totally out of control, but I don't
see firing all the liberals as a solution. Actually, I find most of them
rather endearing in their clueless approach to things.

Bob at PC

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Please excuse the cross reposting. Here is an interesting issue. No=
w if
they voted to stamp out bad teaching we would all be in trouble. Of =
they do not consider that leftists could sue the rightist professors,=
what about the evolutionists suing the creationist professors.

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