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Re: Harmonic Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion

At 07:10 AM 6/28/01 -0500, jorgehoyos wrote:

Any difference between Harmonic Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion.
Does the adjective Simple change something?

Harmonic motion is a more general term. Non-simple harmonic oscillators
*) quantized harmonic oscillators
*) damped harmonic oscillators
*) coupled harmonic oscillators
*) driven harmonic oscillators
-- directly driven
-- parametrically driven
*) et cetera.

Bernie Yurke and I wrote a series of papers that made use of
parametrically-driven quantum harmonic oscillators coupled to (and damped
by) a heat bath. You can actually write down a more-or-less exact
description of such critters. The reason for doing this was to get an
accurate, principled description of real-world measuring devices such as
amplifiers and voltmeters.