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Re: Water waves

>Water waves with larger wavelengths use gravity as a restoring force,=
> these being called gravity waves.

and IIRC the speed of this second kind is strongly depth dependent as
shown by ocean waves arriving at shore in a fairly 'parallel to
shore' orientation.

Umm, I duno. Maybe, but ocean tidal waves are born in ocean basins. I
think that the waves would be oriented with respect to the basin. The
_surface waves_ would be oriented with respect to the _prevailing winds_
and in this case reasonably parallel to the general shape of coast line.
The Black Sea would be my first example -- the tidal waves there are
circular and, on the north and south coasts are perpendicular to the
coastline. What would interest me at this point is whether the surface
waves were parallel to the coasts there -- presumably due to the prevailing

Jim Green