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Re: spinoffs +- competing hypotheses

The policy arena is not a contest to find worse and worse
ways to spend money; the idea is to find better and better
ways. Attempting to justify the Apollo project by saying it
is better than 20 billion dollars worth of marching around
in circles is to damn it with faint praise.

I am not trying to justify the Apollo project because of the
many useful spin-offs that resulted. I have to look at the
Apollo project as it was promoted - put a man on the
moon and bring him back safely. Was that good or bad is
a matter to be debated. However, many of these useful
spin-offs may not have been "discovered" without the

This would be true of any "big" project. The project has to
proceed because of its own merits - not because of what
spin-offs might results. But one can't say let's use the
funding to develop the spin-offs, because those spin-offs
would never be or at least be "discovered" much later.
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