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[Phys-L] Do all waves observe the "law" "A wave is a wave is a wave"? (R.M. Eisberg)

The same equations have the same solutions, (R.P. Feynman)

but the G wave eq. is very, very different from the second order partial eq. for E-M, etc. [1]

In particular, a g wave may be refracted, and, therefore, doesn’t necessarily travel at C? (as claimed in the Nova Black Hole Apocalypse)

bc too lazy to log in to the library access to read articles, for example, Phys. Rev. D, that appear to claim such.

"Index of refraction for scalar, electromagnetic, and gravitational waves in weak gravitational fields.”

bc thinks barrier penetration of water, Alphas, string, and E-M waves.

"Although both waves on a string and water waves can be made to exhibit. 'wave tunneling'. probably the most familiar example involves light in its. ..."