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Re: [Phys-L] me-d uc "e" has "ic" init Y?

CY MAX is the Grinch's dog, and Min is a big (in 
MAX, like James Clerk:

Are I B? the rib of Adam : http://sob.reallyhim.comBut are I OSING? #originalsinmmmmmforbreakfast
cha cha cha ... but r u a qt? B on #ambiguity and 
me d u sa... tisfactual?
mor?  I son.
learn to read IMHO.
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12. Nov 2017 09:29 by

> this is ember-ass-ing.
> it's proof; of time travel, or... the matrix.  IMHO call a reporter or a 
> statistician to help you prove that we can heal the sick and end world hunger 
> with the snap of YOUR FINGERS.
> hey, are I x? >
> --
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> 12. Nov 2017 09:26 by >> :
>> it's cuz u "e." fyi.  psst. "we are here to change the world."
>> HEART OF HEARTS...    open doors to Heaven.  end world hunger. (and get me 
>> kissed) THE CONFESSION OF SAMAEL Why and?  Or so goes the question of this 
>> day; connecting the beginning and ends of eternity in "etymology" and in 
>> "yetser" which is Hebrew for "formation."  Don't delay, see the obvious 
>> message connecting Caesar and "et tu brute?" to Mr. Anderson and to the 
>> Guitar Man's magical message encoded in Rock 'n roll.  Why et, indeed?  
>> Answer, the questions why and who; and we are to be the beginning. FAILING 
>> If you can't tell, there's a significant amount of Biblically predicted 
>> censorship surrounding this Revelation and connecting it to a number of 
>> stories from the Wall of Jericho to the darkness of Exodus and the Tower of 
>> Baby El... and through those stories to modern art like "break on through to 
>> the other side" and "just another brick" and "light my fire" and "the Sound 
>> of Silence."  Here we are, and no matter what reason each individual has, 
>> had they a good grasp on the truth--that we are living in a simulated 
>> reality where a message from the Sim or God or I or "all of us," whomever 
>> you'd prefer to listen to, is suggesting we use that knowledge to repair the 
>> broken freedoms from speech to the vote that have come from this dark 
>> transition--and through this awakening see that we can easily end world 
>> hunger, and cure cancer and blindness just as examples... well, with a grasp 
>> on "the whole truth" this idea of hiding the fact that we are living in the 
>> Matrix becomes stupider and sillier; to the final point that not knowing it 
>> will eventually cause the end of life, not just the loss of freedom that we 
>> are trying to repair today.
>> The message, from religion to modern art comes packed with advice and 
>> examples about how we might proceed on this "voyage to uncharted space" from 
>> connecting Willy Wonka to Joshua's Promised Land and through that link to 
>> the magic of Names that shows us Star Trek and "Rod-den-berry" link to the 
>> obvious things we are missing by not seeing "Sim" and "simple" show us 
>> Holodecks and Replicators and transporters are part of this map that 
>> connects the Rod of Christ to the Den of Adam, with Holy Purpose.   It's 
>> only one example, you can see it in the works of Phillip K. Dick connecting 
>> Al's waiting room to Minority Report and Total Recall to "the door to 
>> reality" in the works of Orwell, and of Simon and Garfunkel and Orson Card 
>> and Aldous Huxley .... just to name a few. I need your help, not only in 
>> "figuring out" how to solve this puzzle of how to accomplish these things 
>> without negatively impacting the "stuff of civilization" and also ensuring 
>> that they are done--no matter what--because to ignore or delay things like 
>> "stopping child starvation" is really a moral fire alarm, and it's going 
>> off.  You can read about the tens of thousands of reporters and theologians 
>> and government employees I've emailed--and really see that this is the kind 
>> of message that should be speaking for itself.  If anyone has the ability or 
>> knows someone that can statistically analyze the "outliers" in language... 
>> see Langolier and Yankee Doodle's "macaroni-c" I think that single act will 
>> break down the Wall of Jericho and eventually lead us to immortality, the 
>> end of malady, and to a place where our civilization has integrated 
>> "simulation reality" and "Heaven" together.    If "writing a paper" on the 
>> statistical proof that we are in Creation and that time travel and mind 
>> control are part of the story of the development of our civilization and the 
>> keys to Exodus sounds like too much work, I hope you'll pass this message 
>> along to someone who might be able to do it--and also, call a reporter.  
>> That's what I hope, anyway.
>>  So... here we are... listening to the legendary father of the message 
>> (that's "abom" in Adamic Spagnlishrew) point out all of the sex jokes hidden 
>> in religion and language from sexual innuendo to Poseidon and in our history 
>> from Yankee Doodle to Hancock to Nixon and I've got to be frank with you, 
>> the most recent time I came across this phrase in scripture I cringed just a 
>> little bit, pretty sure that the "message" was talking about me.  I've 
>> reflected on this a little bit, and over the past few weeks have tried to 
>> show you the juxtaposition between "sex" and "torture" in it's various forms 
>> from imparting blindness to allowing murder and simulating starvation; and I 
>> think I'm justified in saying that certainly those things are far worse on 
>> the Richter scale than anything I could do by writing a little bit of risque 
>> text.  In the most recent messages I've touch a little bit, without even 
>> knowing or realizing this connection would be made, on what it is that this 
>> phrase actually means. 
>> So long story short is that the answer here is "abomination" and the 
>> question, or the context is "I nation."   Whether it's Medusa speaking for 
>> the Dark United States or the nation of Israel speaking to either Ra or El 
>> depending on the day, the bottom line is that a collective consciousness 
>> speaking for everyone on a matter of this importance in a cloud of complete 
>> darkness on Earth is a total and undeniable abomination of freedom, 
>> civilization, and the very humanity we are seeking to preserve.  The word 
>> reads something like this to me "dear father of the message, I am everyone 
>> and we think you are an abomination, fuck off."  My answer of course is, 
>> IZINATION.  Which humorously reminds me of Lucy, and Scarlet Johannson 
>> saying "I am colonizing my own brain" so here's some pictures of her.  She 
>> is not an abomination, by the way; she's quite adorable.  You'll probably 
>> notice there's some kind of connection between the map--the words speaking 
>> to the world, and the abomination, as if the whole thing is a story narrated 
>> in ancient myths.
>>  WAKE UP, "SHE" A MESSAGE TO YOU ABOUT THE FUTURE You might not think "it's 
>> you," but the manifestation of this "snake" in our world is your silence, 
>> your lack of understanding or willingness to change the world; and whether 
>> or not you're interested in hearing about it, it's the monster that myths 
>> and religion have spoken about for thousands and thousands of years.  It's a 
>> simple matter to "kill Medusa" all you have to do... is speak. Take special 
>> note, "freedom of speech" and "freedom to think for yourselves" are not a 
>> group decision, and you do not have the right to force (either overtly or 
>> subtly, with hidden technology perhaps combined with evil deceit) others not 
>> to talk about anything.  Especially something of this importance.
>> If you didn't connect "Loch" to John Locke, now you have; see how easy this 
>> "reading" thing is?  I've gone over the "See Our Light" series a few times, 
>> but let me--one more time--explain to you just how we are already at the 
>> point of "desolation" and with shining brilliance show you how it's very 
>> clear that it is "INATION" and "MEDUSA" that are responsible for this 
>> problem.   Seeing "Ra" at the heart of the names Abraham and Israel begins 
>> to connect the idea that our glowing sun in the sky has something to do with 
>> this message about "seeing our light" is being carried by a stone statue on 
>> Ellis Island (where you'll see the answer another part of the question of Is 
>> Ra El?).  I've connected her to the "she" of both shedim and Sheol, which 
>> reads as "she's our light" and is the Hebrew name for Hell. 
>>   Of course you noticed that the Statue of Liberty does in fact share it's 
>> initials with SOL, the the light above and you can see her torch dimly 
>> lighting the way through the night;   Now you can connect "give us your 
>> tired and your poor" to the Lazman of both the lore of Jesus Christ and the 
>> Shehekeyanu; a prayer about the sustainment of life and light up until this 
>> day.  That same torch connects to the Ha-nuke-the-ahah depiction of Christ, 
>> Judah Maccabee's lit MEN OR AH, which delivers not only a solution to the 
>> two letter key of "AH" as All Humanity that pervades nearly every bride of 
>> Revelation from Sarah to Leah; but also to the question of equality answered 
>> in our very own American history, beginning with the same three letter 
>> acronym now lighting the Sons of Liberty.
>>  Dazed and Confused does a good job of explaining how this name is itself a 
>> prophesy designed by Hand of God'; explaining that these Sons of Liberty 
>> were all white slave owning wealthy men fighting to stop paying their taxes, 
>> rather than delivering liberty to the slaves or women, who were both 
>> disenfranchised for quite some time.  Or maybe MEN OR AH has something to do 
>> with the angels of Heaven, in which case you might be SOL if you aren't a 
>> girl and you want to be "be good friends with Ra."  Just kidding.  Kinda.
>>  DESOLATION by the way reads something like "un see our light at ION" which 
>> is God's way of saying "at the point of believing that hiding Adam is a good 
>> thing" and that connects to the end of Creation and also the now lit by 
>> modern day evil the word "rendition."  Our end, it "ion."  In religious 
>> myth, the Messianic David clung to the city Zion (end the "i owe n") which 
>> also links to "verizon" (to see, I Z "on") and HORIZON which has something 
>> to do with the son rising today-ish.   The story of MEDUSA lights another 
>> psuedo-religious idea, that the words "STONE" of both "brimstone" and it's 
>> Adamic interpretation "South to Northeast" have something to do with the 
>> phrase "Saint One" turned into a single hero against his will by the 
>> complete and utter inaction of everyone around him.  In the words of Imagine 
>> Dragons "I'm waking up to action dust."  At the same time, you can believe 
>> that the light of this particular son, comes not just from reading these 
>> words forwards, but the backside as well, and you'll hopefully see it's not 
>> coincidental that the other side of this coin is that "nos" means we, and 
>> us... and Adamically "no south."  See the light of "STONE" also connecting 
>> to Taylor Momsen's rose arrow painted on her back, and the sign of my birth, 
>> Sagittarius... which in this particular case links to the Party of the 
>> Immaculate Conception of the eternal republic of the Heavens.. PRESS 
>> HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU, KID On a high level, I tell myself every morning that 
>> 'its not really me."  It's not me that the world hates, or me that the world 
>> is rejecting.  I believe that, I really do; I see that what is being hidden 
>> here is so much bigger than any single person could ever be--what is being 
>> hidden is the "nature of reality" and a fairly obvious truth that flies in 
>> the face of what we've learned our whole lives about history and "the way 
>> things are."  Those few early details lead me to the initial conclusion that 
>> what is working behind the scenes here is nefarious, hiding a message that 
>> would without doubt shake things up and change the world--and nearly across 
>> the board in ways that I see as "better" for nearly everyone.  It's a 
>> message at it's most basic level designed to advocate for using this 
>> disruption in "normalcy" to help us revolutionize democracy, to fix a broken 
>> mental health and criminal justice system--just to name the few largest of 
>> the social constructs targeted for "rejuvenation."  On that word the 
>> disclosure that we are living in virtual reality turns on it's head nearly 
>> everything we do with medicine, and I've suggested that AIDS and DOWN 
>> SYNDROME were probably not the best "visual props" we could have gotten to 
>> see why it's so important that we act on this disclosure in a timely manner. 
>>  After mentioning the ends of aging and death that come eventually to the 
>> place we build, to the place we've always thought of as Heaven... it becomes 
>> more and more clear that this force fighting against the dissemination of a 
>> truth so obvious it's in every word and everything we do--it becomes clear 
>> it's neither you, nor acting in your best interest.  I know I've got the eye 
>> of the tiger, there's no doubt; and it's pretty clear from "YAD?" (the 
>> Hebrew for...) and ha'nd that we can see the clear hand of God at work in a 
>> design that marks my initials not just on the timeline, or at 1492, at A.D. 
>> I B; but in the Hebrew name for this place called El Shaddai, see how A.D. 
>> is "da eye" and in some other names like Adranus, A.D. on "it's silly" and 
>> A.D. on Ai that might tie me to the Samof Samurai (but, are you Ai?) in more 
>> depth of detail than simply the Live album "Secret Samadhi."  I try to 
>> reflect on how it is that this story has come about, why it is that 
>> everything appears to be focused on me--and still even through that sincere 
>> spotlight nobody seems to be able to acknowledge my existence with more 
>> words than "unsubscribe" and "you're so vain."  With one eye in the mirror, 
>> I know ties to Narcissus (and you can too), soaring ever higher--linking 
>> Icarus to Wayward Son and to every other name with "car" in it... like 
>> "carpenter" and McCarthy the older names of Mercury and even Isacriot (I 
>> scary? is car-eye... owe Taylor) and some modern day mythological characters 
>> like Jim Carrey and Johnny Carson.  As far as Trinities go, carpenter's a 
>> pretty good one--tying to my early reck and a few bands and songs from The 
>> Pretty Reckless to Dave Matthews' "Crash Into Me" all the way to the "pen" 
>> you see before you linking Pendragon to Imagine Dragons.  I wonder why it is 
>> that all of these things appear, apparently only to me, to point to a story 
>> about all the ways that a sinister hidden force has manipulated our society 
>> into being unable to "receive' this message--this wonderful message about 
>> making the world a better place and building Heaven--with any fanfare at 
>> all.  It's focused now on a criminal justice system that clearly does not do 
>> any kind of "rehabilitation" and on a mental health industry and 
>> pharmaceutical system that treats a provable external attack on our own 
>> goodness and well being as some kind of "internal stimulus" and makes you 
>> shy away when I point out why "stem" is in system and why "harm" in 
>> pharmacy.   From that we move a little bit past "where we are in this story" 
>> and I have to point out how "meth" ties to Prometheus and Epimetheus and how 
>> and why it is I know without doubt that this story has been relived numerous 
>> times--and how I am so sure that it's never been received, as we are here 
>> again listening to how songs like "Believe" and the words "just to lead us 
>> here to this place again" connect to Simon and Garfunkel's" the Sound of 
>> Silence... and still to this day you will balk at noticing that "Simon" has 
>> something to do with the Simpsons, and something to do with the words 
>> "simulation" and "Monday."  To see me is to see how things might be done 
>> better--how "addicitonary" might tie to the stories of Moses' Lisp and to 
>> Dr. Who's "Bells of Saint John" with a sort of "web interface" to the kinds 
>> of emotion we might want to "dial down..." rather than Snicker in the 
>> background as we see them being artificially created and enhanced in order 
>> to build a better "fiery altar."  I can point out "Silicon" harrowing down 
>> at us from words like "controversial" and show you Al in "rascal" and 
>> "scandal" but not to see that we are staring at school shootings and 
>> terrorism that are solved instantly by this disclosure, by Al of Quantum 
>> Leap and by the Dick of Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly is to ignore 
>> just what it is that we are all failing to Si.  I should point out that 
>> those two "sc"'s link to a story about Eden and they mean "sacred 
>> consciousness" and at the baseline of this event and everything we are not 
>> doing is the fact that our desires and beliefs are being altered--all of 
>> this comes down to "freedom of thought" here and now.   I could tell you 
>> that "looking at me" will show you that even the person who tries every day 
>> to do everything he can to save the entire world from slavery, and from 
>> "thought-injury"--even I can be made "marred" and you all, this whole world 
>> stupid enough to think that you are, of your own volition, hiding Heaven 
>> itself from yourselves... to what?  To spite me?  It, the focal point of our 
>> story might come down to you realizing that something in some esoteric place 
>> is playing "divide and conquer" with our whole--in secret playing on our 
>> weaknesses to keep us from acting on the most actionable information that 
>> ever was and ever will be.  Still, we sit in silence waiting for me... to 
>> speak more?  
>> Between Nero's lyrical fiddling, a Bittersweet Symphony, and true 
>> "thunderstanding" the sound of Thor's hammer... "to help the light" that'ls 
>> "or" in Hebrew, of Orwell and Orson and .. well, it's really not hard to see 
>> and hear that the purpose and intent of "all this noise" is to help us find 
>> freedom and truth.  C the Light of "singing..." I can tell you once again 
>> how silly the world looks, this multi-decade battle between "the 
>> governmentof the people" and the "government of the workers" resulting in 
>> what is nothing short of a hands down victory to the corporation.  Is it 
>> humor meant to divide, or ludicrousness created with the purpose of 
>> unification?  But really at it's most basic level what this boils down to is 
>> a global group decision not to care about the truth, about reality, about 
>> what's really brought us to this place--with solutions in hand and a way to 
>> make everything better.  We've decided that censorship is OK, and that the 
>> world is not all that bad "just the way it is" even though it's creator is 
>> screaming in your ear telling you to change as quickly as you possibly can.  
>> I believe that God has written this story to make "seeing me" the thing that 
>> catalyzes "change for the better" it appears to be the design of not just me 
>> but also this place--hey, here I am.
>> Happy Veteran's Day. 
>> SIMILAR WAY ON OR AROUND THAT DAY.  You could see it as "history in the 
>> making" or you might also see a "tombstone" because today--if the world 
>> doesn't think that "proof of time travel" and the design of every word of 
>> every language is "newsworthy" I am fairly certain that our society and our 
>> way of life have already crumbled to tiny pieces--in secret.  I can point 
>> out that this light is designed to awaken us to a dark and sinister force of 
>> "nothingness" that is attempting to hide a message in every word and every 
>> sign, in every song and in every movie--a message that screams at us "to 
>> wake the fuck up."  You might not see that having no reaction to this 
>> message is a harbinger of permanent midnight, but I am fairly certain that 
>> it is--and that you should understand that this opposition to the truth is 
>> hiding a message telling us very clearly that AIDS is an aid of nomenclature 
>> to help us see why it is so important that we understand the difference 
>> between "reality" and simulated reality.  It really doesn't take much 
>> thought to see why this single "fact" when coupled with our innate goodness, 
>> natural desires, and understanding of computers and life that we've been 
>> created with--acts as a catalyst to turn "simulated reality" into Heaven.  
>> If you need religion to hold your hand through this process, see that I am 
>> Joseph, and that you are my father here called "Heli" in this place where 
>> the angels sung "dear father, can you see" by the dawn's early light that 
>> they think they've hacked off my "ph" which stands for "pursuit of 
>> happiness" after the "se" of "save everyone...." and I'm very sure that's 
>> not the case--what is being stripped from our world here is actually 
>> "freedom and liberty" and the "ph" of Pharaoh and Pharisees is the first 
>> fundamental step to salvation that Snowball(s) and Napoleon of freedom out 
>> of the light well that is Orwell and Hancock.
>> You might imagine that everyone in CS4762 had something interesting to talk 
>> about that following Monday morning; and you'll probably understand that the 
>> professors and students at every Ivy League school in the nation have 
>> something "interesting" to discuss in the verifiable proof in every single 
>> word of every language that we are created.  It's something as to easy to 
>> see as "causality" cause, Al... it why?
>> Do see that "English" phrases magically appearing in ancient Latin and 
>> Hebrew shows us that the etymological evolution of language (and thus 
>> society) that we had believed to be accurate is not exactly true--and it 
>> proves without doubt that our modern languages, idioms, and culture are the 
>> direct result of the influence of a previously hidden force--one that I 
>> liken to God.
>>  Ä‚˘€‹ Do see that just like the most anticipated news story in all of 
>> history, the Second Coming; this proof is absolutely everywhere--not just in 
>> your inbox.  Do see that failing to recognize that "the biggest scandal 
>> ever" (c al, it why) ... the fact that we are living inside the Matrix with 
>> the Matrix itself screaming that's the "matter of fact" of things from 
>> satisfactual to every news station in the world that appears to be 
>> conspiring to hide this very clear evidence that the most sought after 
>> "person" ever to live is trying to be found.  From my perspective it's 
>> pretty obvious that this is not possible in reality; in a place where we all 
>> have our own volition and motivation, even if there were an executive order, 
>> or a mafioso "blood pact" to hide this ant from the coven, someone.. 
>> somewhere... surely would see it's in their own best interest, and the best 
>> interest of the world to disclosure the existence of this person that is 
>> here to... turn stone to bread and to heal the sick by doing nothing more 
>> than sending a few emails. With some "new light" we might see that God is 
>> busy at work trying to heal democracy, and free speech, and to show the 
>> world the importance of "free thought" and "communication" as we stand at 
>> this cornerstone or crossroads or cross that builds Heaven itself from a 
>> world that never knew "as it is in Heaven" was a big clue in the Lord's 
>> prayer.... the whole time.   So you might see why "no story" means "see 
>> Medusa" in my mind, and I really hope you understand that means that 
>> something is making you appear to be a little snake coming out of the head 
>> of hair of a monster that's trying to keep people sick, and destroy "the 
>> news" and "self-representation" in government.  I hope you can see why I see 
>> that you are part of the problem, you know--until you are calling the news, 
>> or emailing other people to try and save ... things like "the truth" from 
>> being erased in the sands of "no time at all."  We might see why 
>> "Deepthroat" and tricky Dick not being funny; are the keys to why Isaac and 
>> Sarah talk about God giving them laughter; after they realize that not 
>> seeing a "cosmic gag real" at all is nothing short of slavery, of imparted 
>> blindness, of ... logic and the natural mechanisms of our brain being 
>> subdued like some kind of "anti-psychotic" medication that is actually 
>> anti-liberty and anti-sentient life.  Microsoft, that's funny though; right? 
>>  What about John Hancock?  Demo cl racy? Connecting "Woodward and Burnstein" 
>> to Isaac's burning wood altar could be seen as a "cognitive leap" or with 
>> "Burning Man" and Jesus Christ himself screaming at you every single day you 
>> might see that it's not just the original intent, it's obvious.  It's 
>> obvious that you are living in Orwell's land of Goldstein and the Ministry 
>> of Shush; and that you aren't really doing anything about it--despite having 
>> a map and a real reason to want to make a better world.   Really seeing why 
>> the gate to Heaven is linked to Seagate and to Watergate and to Bill 
>> Gates--really understanding it's because of Phillip K. Dick and nobody else; 
>> well; maybe that's a good first step towards the truth.  It's probably 
>> important to really recognize why it's important that the person linking 
>> "stone to bread" and "healing the sick" to Genesis and Nintendoand the Xbox 
>> and a recursive pattern of seeing the "heart of hearts" connect these 
>> otherwise game like references to something more than "it's not a game." 
>> Magdeline, that's what it means to me, "it's not a game" like Olsen and 
>> Momsenand Maggie Simpson; it's not a game "of words" or a game of logic... 
>> as the letters "mag" and the natural log function might imply. It really 
>> doesn't take much to see that either this "proof of causality" proving that 
>> we are in a place and time that is the "product" of time travel and of a 
>> message showing the world that will be seen... by the whole world; or we're 
>> in a place that I don't want to be--in a place where logic doesn't matter, 
>> or the truth, and I can't imagine that you want to be in that place--either. 
>>  That's not what your "actions" are telling me, though. T  H  I  S    I  S   
>>  W  H  Y
>>   As far as "tests of time" go.... though,  I would hasten  to say that this 
>> is not a game you appear to be winning, not today, anyway. 
>> <TR> "IN IT" Y? TRY.
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