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Re: [Phys-l] Physics Test Responses

Worse; one student essentially answered correctly (unless I'm seriously Alzheimered.) the first of a two part question. However, perhaps because the second revealed he was just a plug and chugger and happened to get the correct two equations, he earned a zero (oxymoron?)

Should he have gotten 8 "points" or the zero?

bc, OTOH thinks the answer is so obvious he put the elephant there as a joke.

On 2008, Jul 26, , at 09:59, Trevor Fink wrote:

I got a good chuckle =)

On 7/26/08 11:41 AM, "Jack Uretsky" <> wrote:

Thanks, Stefan.
I fail to see the point. I have seen such reonses on answers to my own
quizzes, I find that it pays to treat them as pleas for help (it's uncool
for a high school kid to actually ask for help). I am aided in my
understanding by having had a good friend in high school who excelled in
coming up with such answers. He had a great sense of humor.
Speaking of help. The science chair at the high school wheere I
did my student teaching had a policy of having a mor ning help session for
half-an-hour before school opened. All physics teachers were required to
attend. We had a constant stream of attendees, and the feedback from the
parents was appreciative.

On Sat, 26 Jul 2008, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:

What is flickr

google is your friend.

and can you put the data in an ascii mesg? I'm not
allowed to open applications.

It's not an application. Just a link to a web site. If you have a web
browser, you can see it/them. This is a better link to see them all
and select:

Stefan Jeglinski

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