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[Phys-L] Re: Combining "Survivor" and physics???

"I don't see how the viability of one project would have any predictive
powers about the viability of the other."

If it were popular w/ student age viewers, they probably would want to
emulate the people pictured, and therefore, would want to participate in
your program.

As far as their being similar, both had (have) problems to solve and in
at least one case it was competitive *. I only saw parts of two or
three episodes, so my impression was the scientists had to use their
knowledge in novel ways [this meant they were using cooperative
learning, admittedly application or engineering, not "basic" physics]
and they failed at least once.

BTW, I exaggerated when I wrote I was bored, and I did learn some novel
use of scientific knowledge, but not much; OTOH, if I were 16, ....

Note it was sponsored by, inter alia, The Open U.

* Episode 3 — Power Supplies: In this episode, two of the team go head
to head in a race to generate power, while the others set about building
a pharmacy. They extract and dispense a string of natural remedies,
including an antiseptic made from myrtle and olives, and an
anti-flatulent from fennel seeds

bc, who thinks rather it's oranges and nectarines.

p.s. What's wrong w/ entertainment; was not Feynman entertaining?

Folkerts, Timothy J wrote:

Already been done:
check out how popular the show was and then you'll
have some evidence on the idea's viability.

It may have already been done, but this show isn't it!

This is a complete apples-to-orange comparison. The goal on this show
was to create a professional production with professional
scientists/engineers for mass entertainment (and minimal passive
education). My goal is to incorporate PER ideas (peer instruction,
context-rich problems, active student participation) using a readily
recognizable cultural phenomenon that may engage the students' interest.
They are already taking the class - why not add some excitement?

I don't see how the viability of one project would have any predictive
powers about the viability of the other.

Tim Folkerts

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