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Electrical Wire unSafety

There was a thermocouple manufacturing technique that comes to mind
that is not to be lightly enterprised by the non-suicidal:

Connect a bowl of salt water to the neutral line return of a short
line connector.

Connect both wires of a thermocouple candidate together, and
connect to the live line lead. Plug the lethal connector into the line.

Using rubber gloves, dip the twisted ends of the thermocouple wires
into the salt water.

When the wires fuze together, the main breaker drops, and needs

Unlike "drinking" LN2 which looks lethal, this thermocouple
approach really *is*

Brian W

At 10:57 AM 3/17/2004, you wrote:
"I also picked up a paper clip which had obviously been fashioned for
insertion into an outlet in the middle of my floor."

Did you find melted ones?

My less expensive detector and more effective than the Radio Shack is a
suicide cable with clips clipped together to find which circuit breaker
breaks which outlets.

"Then of course there are the workers who cut underground wires and attempt
to fix them themselves ...

bc, who rarely "switches to safety."

John Clement wrote:

>>I see it it clearly: John is winding a Wimshurst machine
>>to a hand-holding ring of students:
>>"This is you making contact with a live wire"....
>>[winding furiously],
>>"And this is you making contact with a live wire wearing
>>rubber gloves and boots..."
>And leering evilly .... Not a bad analogy, but a bit stretched. One=
> can
>easily teach a young child the meaning of hot by letting them touch
>something hot such as the outside of a hot coffee cup and saying hot.=
> The
>sensation is unpleasant to the child, but not dangerous. Beyond that=
> there
>are too many situations which can be dangerous where individuals can =
>into trouble, and there are many situations which are safe, which peo=


>John M. Clement
>Houston, TX

Brian Whatcott Altus OK Eureka!