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Re: equipotentials

At 16:08 -0500 2/21/04, Ludwik Kowalski wrote:

Contour lines on a map refer to different
elevations. Suppose that your saddle region
was partially leveled to make a flat tennis court.
You are a map maker. Are you allowed to draw
two level lines on a map representing the court?
There are contour lines over lakes and oceans.

I don't know what the convention is for dealing with flat regions on
contour maps. I assume that you might end up with a pair of lines
coming in from each hill, in my example, and terminating in a
rectangular region representing the tennis court, with no lines
inside the rectangle, which should indicate that there are no high or
low points within that region that exceed the spacing between
adjacent lines. That's how I would do it, but I'm not a map-maker.
They may do it differently.


Hugh Haskell

(919) 467-7610

Never ask someone what computer they use. If they use a Mac, they
will tell you. If not, why embarrass them?
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