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Re: equipotentials

I see I'm not the only one [Bob S.] who's resorted to reposting.

Reposted from Sat. ~ 2 PM:

bc, whose recent posts have been rejected, posted inordinately late, or
with not at all [neither bounced or posted].

"Do they cross? I guess that depends on your
point of view, ..."

I think the physicist's answer has been given. How would a
mathematician answer?

Another thought: Extend HH's example with, below the contact the earth
has been hollowed. e.g. two adjacent mesas in contact only part way
up. I suspect a mathematician would have something to say about this

bc, who has some fuzzy thoughts about differentiability, well behaved, etc.

Hugh Haskell wrote:

At 15:36 -0800 2/20/04, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

Can contour lines on a contour map cross?

Certainly not ones representing different elevations, but consider
this scenario: Two adjacent hills have a saddle ridge between them.
Then the contour lines surrounding each hill that at the level that
matches the elevation of the lowest point on the ridge line will
touch at that point. Do they cross? I guess that depends on your
point of view, but they certainly come together without violating any
logical requirements.


Hugh Haskell

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