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Advanced Physics Forums reaches 300 members!

300 Members!!!!

We keep growing! Your contributions to the site have been truly amazing. A
forum like this can only get better with more people and so don't forget to
spread the word!

I've made a flyer to make it easy for you to do that. Simply print this and
post it all over your physics department.

Of course, we would never endorse spamming, but you may forward this email
to all those that you feel will appreciate it!

We should above all thank AIP for sponsoring us via advertising us in
Physics Today, and linking us from the Physics Today site, comPADRE, JURP,
SPS National site AND SPS Observer. Wow, these guys are great!!!!

See you when we hit 500 members, and with your help we should easily hit
that next week!



Advanced Physics Forums