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Re: Einstein

At 23:49 10/4/97 -0700, you wrote:

... If you are more interested in
Einstein's marriages that what he has to say to you as educators then
maybe you should get out of the classroom and go into research.

Ray Rogoway

Ray's indignation was so great that his rejoinder was disjointed.
If Ray is not interested in seeing replies to off-topic quotes,
perhaps it would be better if he stayed on-topic?

I will pass over Leigh's emotional tirade altogether.
I can offer a little insight into this eruption however.

It is a common misunderstanding among the populace that
a person with very great learning in a particular subject area
becomes thereby an authority on other, unrelated topics.

It is sad to relate that research confirms that this is often
exactly opposite to the facts...

Perhaps it is better to quote Einstein on Relativity, work function in
copper surfaces, or even unified theories of physics.
Let Mother Teresa be our guide on moral matters; she was certainly
the friend of the friendless, and the hope of the hopeless.

I will terminate this little note with a reminder that we all
find freedom of speech a very noble thing until we find it gores
our particular kine - then we can find a hundred reasons why
the offender is in some way sub-human, worthy of being excommunicated
or in some other way silenced.

Though I am not personally a teacher, I fancy this is the lesson that I
am most honored to provide to at least some folks on this splendid list.

Galileo's oppressors were not simply churchmen; they were people very like
you and me.

Have a happy day

brian whatcott <>
Altus OK