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Re: Programmable Calculator Policies

> >
> >> I now have a policy of erasing students' calculator memories before 
> >> tests or to do without the calculator if the students scream.  In 
> >> addition, as much as possible, I try to make test questions that do not  
> >> require the use of a calculator.  
> >> 
> >> What are some of your comments or policies concerning programmable 
> >> calculators?  I would like to hear from both high school and college 
> >> instructors.

I have had similar experiences.  Also, with each new calculator out 
there, I have to get another manual or find someone with one in order to 
learn how to clear the memory.  My solution is simple, I have bought a 
class set (30) calculators.  I issue them to the students during class to 
use.  I intruct them on how to use them.  I check periodically for 
illegal programs.  They use my calculators or none on the tests.
Its a bit expensive to start, but I have found it worthwhile.  Once you 
get started, its a matter of replacing one or two a year.-- 

Mariam W. Dittmann
DeKalb College
Clarkston, GA