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My name is Jeff Schoonover and I am new to the list. I am a graduate
student in physics at UMass Dartmouth and I have recently found a job
teaching physics at a high school in SE Mass.

The UMD physics department is looking into restructuring the introductory
physics course it offers from a lecture based class to one that is more
activity oriented (studio physics). I am working with the CUPLE software
right now and I would like to know who else has done this and how are these
courses structured? In what ways have you used CUPLE in teaching the class?


Jeff Schoonover

Last summer, I purchased a copy of CUPLE. The materials were incomplete
and non-uniform. I felt that only one unit (Vibrations) was complete.
The rest of CUPLE I thought was useless. After a visit to RPI with
several other faculty, we learned that RPI uses CUPLE only on rare
occasions. The studio format is maintained, but the materials used
weren't CUPLE.

Anybody from RPI want to comment on this??