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Re: The Sun and Moon

Any of the standard planetarium type programs should be able to
accomplish this -- Voyager, Dance of the Planets, Red Shift, etc.
There is also an electronic version of the Naval Observatory's
Astronomical Almanac called ICE -- free (but I don't remember where
-- you'll have to search the net) but damned hard to use. There are
also some good shareware programs from folks like Zephyr. You can
find ads for them in Sky and Telescope.

1) Does anyone know of a program to give the New and Full phases of the Moon
in any month/year to an accuracy of an hour or better?

2) Does anyone know of a program to determine the position of the Sun and
the Moon -- the program to include all the various periods of distance,
angle, and wobbles over 10s of years -- the Moon has one 19 year period for


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