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Re: use of videos in class

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Steve Luzader wrote:

Some comments were made about the fact that videos tend to induce
REM in students. I've long noticed that students tend to react to a TV
the same way they do at home--they tune it out so it becomes part of the
background noise. To deal with this, I (a) make sparing use of such things
in class and (b) provide a list of questions that the students must find
answers to as the video occurs. The questions are given in the order in
which they appear, and they are fair game for exams. (This last thing
really helps the students concentrate on the video!)
I have used videos for specific purposes for almost ten years and have
evolved from a system of handing out worksheets with detailed questions to
be answered as the video progresses to simply giving them an assignment of
writing a short (1-5-10 minute) paper on the central idea(s) or concept(s)
of the presentation, depending how long the show is.
If I put them on their recognizance to get something out of the
presentation and turn it in at the next period, they know I mean business
and are looking for nuggets to glean. Sometimes their insights are quite
refreshing .. other times they cause me to rethink using the video!

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