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Excel tutorial

Several times in the last year I've offered our spreadsheet tutorial, and
have sent numerous copies by snail mail.

For various font reasons the thing is difficult to distribute as a Word
file, but it finally dawned on me that I could distribute a pdf file (that's
an Adobe Acrobat file, for non-geeks) rather easily. So, I've place the
tutorial (in two parts) on our ftp server, as well as the WPtools (macros)
for doing curve fitting and graphing with excel. The easiest way to get them
is with a browser that has Acrobat Reader plug-in installed; then just enter
the following location:

and you'll see a list of four files. The two pdf files are the tutorial;
just click on each in turn to read or print. (If you don't see the files
directly, you browser isn't properly configured. Email me and I can try to
help, or (better) ask your local computer guru to help you view a pdf file.)
The other two files, an .sea and a .zip file, are the mac and pc versions of
the macros.


By the way, this is a new version as of about December 1, 1995, so if you
have a copy from me predating December, take a fresh look. There's more
about the WPtools as well as about graphing with the built-in functionality
of Excel.


PLEASE do not reply to the email address in the header of this message; use
the address instead.

John E. Gastineau PV34PV3P
North Carolina State University Physics
Physics Courseware Evaluation Project
Box 8202
Raleigh, NC 27695-8202

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