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the two body problem

{this is a shameless personal plug, so if that bothers you, delete the
message now!}

Physicists have long grappled with the three-body gravitational problem.
It's intractable. These days, however, it seems that the two body problem
has become even more difficult. How do couples solve the problem of finding
appropriate jobs for two unrelated careers within, say, a seventyfive mile
distance? It's almost as bad as the three body problem.

I'm now facing that problem, and turn to you, my faithful phys-l colleagues,
for help. I learned of the position I now hold at NCSU through phys-l
contacts, and it is my hope that once again I can find a new position with
your assistance. I'm of course looking for openings in the usual
publications, but not everything gets listed in a timely manner.

The woman who will shortly become my wife, an emergency physician, has just
been assigned to an excellent program in Morgantown, West Virginia. (That's
70 miles south of Pittsburgh.) I will follow her there, and must find work
in that part of the country. (Next move I'll get to have a lot more input in
location...) Do any of you know of recent or unadvertised permanent or
temporary openings in the area? I can't afford to be picky given my
geographical constraints. I will consider anything from a preparatory high
school physics position (I have no state certifications) to a university
position such as I now hold, with two year colleges in between.

[Many of you know me, but for those who don't, I'm ten years past my PhD in
physics, I teach in a lecture-lean interactive style with many simulations
and MBL tools, and I edit the Physics Courseware Communicator, a part of the
Physics Courseware Evaluation Project here at NCSU. I've done a lot of
training of HS teachers as a part of PECP.]

If you know of any such openings, please respond to me directly at Thanks for any help.


PLEASE do not reply to the email address in the header of this message; use
the address instead.

John E. Gastineau PV34PV3P
North Carolina State University Physics
Physics Courseware Evaluation Project
Box 8202
Raleigh, NC 27695-8202

919 515 7059 voice
919 515 2682 fax