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Re: [Phys-L] Simone Biles Triple Double in Slow Motion

On 6/11/21 11:34 AM, I wrote:

motion-capture suit.
Ayaka Yamada et al.
"Dynamics Analysis of Artistic Gymnastics with Video Motion Capture: Pommel Horse and Vault"


Gymnastics motions are difficult to measure with any sensors. Any sensors on the body cannot endure to peel off from the body or to disturb the range of motion. Without any burden like sensors, we measured 2 types of gymnastics: pommel horse, vault. It was realized by Video Motion Capture system, which is markerless 3D motion capture system with RGB cameras. This paper reports the overview of this measurement and shows the followings of analysis result: joint torques, estimated contact forces and torques, the principal inertia moments of center of gravity and energy of wholebody. Also, we visualize rotation easiness of body with the principal inertia moments.