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Re: [Phys-L] Simone Biles Triple Double in Slow Motion

Thanks, JD, for correcting Simone's name.

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On 6/11/21 10:57 AM, Marx, David via Phys-l wrote:

This is wonderful.


Anyone care to comment on the Physics and whether this clip would be
useful in teaching physics?;data=

My comment: That's a great idea in general terms, but this specific clip is not ideal for the purpose. It would be more fun to persuade her to do it wearing a motion-capture suit.

-- Traditionally this is done optically in front of a green screen.
Multiple cameras are used to track markers on the suit.

-- Nowadays they have /wireless/ mocap suits that use a huge number of accelerometers. No cameras required.


I edited the spelling in the subject line.
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