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[Phys-L] Strange paper attempting to refute QM


I was asked what I think of the following paper:

The author has performed one experiment with gamma rays, and another with alpha particles. He claims that these experiments refute QM which is quite a claim, to put it mildly. It seems that he wants to use old theories preceding the modern QM to explain his empirical results.

Would you be willing to spend a couple of minutes (*) to view the paper? Assuming that his empirical data is reliable (I'd like to see replications by others before accepting this), could these be explained using QM? The author claims that the answer is a resounding no.


Antti Savinainen, PhD
Kuopio Lyseo HS, Finland

*Homer Simpson had to take Course 101 on nuclear physics to have the permission to carry out his invaluable work in a nuclear power plant in Springfield. He first applied to a college by writing a required essay. It was deemed as "a waste of valuable seconds".