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Re: [Phys-L] non-polarized capacitor

On 2021/Feb/24, at 13:18, Jeffrey Schnick via Phys-l < <>> wrote:

To make sense of this, you have to imagine each real capacitor
as an ideal capacitor plus some leakage. Beware that one
capacitor is leaking while the other is not, so the situation
is not symmetrical.

This is another reason to parallel series caps W/resistors [1], in this case, though, the caps are not back to back.
The original reason was the caps don’t have identical capacitance.

bc … reminded HF o’scope probe compensation similar idea, and continuing to form the caps. in his strobotac, using a one megohm resistor, and raising the supply joltage W/a “Variac”, intermittently.

[1] Wow! there’s even a calc. for their values. <>

p.s. I think electrolytics are not stable WRT their capacitance value. Another project.