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Re: [Phys-L] youtube the.tragic story of nikola Tesla

On 2021/Feb/21, at 21:06, Marx, David via Phys-l < <>> wrote:

The resistance of transmission lines causes power losses, P = I^2 R. With dc, most of the energy is lost over a short distance. With ac, you can increase the voltage and reduce the current via transformers, and transmit the power over much longer distances.

DC transmission is much better, because the AC design must accommodate, what is it? 1.4 times the EMF. With DC the existing could use the 1.4X. I think currently losses are too great in the rectifiers and conversion to AC to reduce the EMF. Best will be high temp superconductors. Better is local production, so the transmission lines are unnecessary.

Wrong, there are already thousands of km HVDC transmission lines. One on China is 3,300 km at 1,100 kV and 12 GW! <>

Also no skin effect and radiation (not mentioned above)

bc … read about HCDC last century. in Scientific American.