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[Phys-L] Schlieren aerosols and music; plus political <>

The religious rail against California’s banning singing in churches, claiming it’s discriminatory, well, … all choirs are being discriminated, which led me to the study above. Note: all large venues have at one or more times been closed in California.

"The guidelines ask worshippers to wear masks, avoid sharing prayer books or prayer rugs and skip the collection plate. They also say to avoid large gatherings for holidays, weddings and funerals and warn that activities such as singing or group recitation “negate” the benefits of social distancing.
The guidelines say even with physical distancing, in-person worship carries a higher risk of transmitting the virus and increasing the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths and recommend houses of worship shorten services.” <>
bc thinks this is physics.

p.s. Evidently secular choirs can be superspreaders: <>

Wrong at a church, but not a service. I haven’t read fully, so it may be a secular choir that uses the church. GK Seese's Camerata Singers of Monterey County uses churches for all venues, though many works presented are religions, but is secular. The oratorio “Considering Mathew Shepard” was their last concert in Early March.


”The state contends that there are good reasons, though, for extending restrictions. Its expert testified that there 'have been multiple reports of sizable to large gatherings such as religious services, choir practices, funerals, and parties resulting in significant spread of COVID-19.’”

And gives examples: <>

here’s a brief in favour of the Governor Newsom: <>

Not only the expected:
Americans United for Separation of Church and State., but also three religions organization. One Jewish and two Christian.