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Re: [Phys-L] VSL


I included, in my post, the Wikipedia page on the Epoch Times.

Did you reply W/it to emphasize their political position or not completely read my post?

I sub. to the ET e-posts, inter alia, to "know thine enemy”. [1] My interpretation is it is a subtle propaganda organ, wherein they post, at the least, some semi reasonable posts, as I think is their referenced u-tube.

Regarding non physics post, I though maths, specifically stats, and critical thinking was acceptable.

And politics, my post did excite the wood work. And if I read correctly, I agree W/deleting only racist and sexist (ageist!) posts. I intend to post about a physicist who has an (then ca 1995) unpopular climate theory.

BTW: the post featured, not an ET post, but their recommendation. I read only about 1/2 of it, and didn’t detect any obviously “fake” facts. I presume the referenced articles can be easily verified. Much of what she said is, as I wrote, in the news from reputable and semi-reputable (e.g. Time Mag.) sources.

bc being defensive. And, maybe, a bit nasty.

p.s. Remember I referenced ET only as the source (reference ) of the U-Tube.

[1] If you think ET is bad, try this one: <>

I sub. to CH to keep my blood pressure up!

Finally, John: thank-you for the media fact checker. I donate to Snopes, and sub. to politifact.

On 2021/Feb/08, at 02:20, Daniel MacIsaac via Phys-l < <>> wrote:

Epoch Times is a Far Right / Falun Gong propaganda organ, see Wikipedia page on it <>

opening schools is problematic if teachers quit where they can, or get sick when they can’t;
we need the vaccinations to start the openings

Dan M