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Re: [Phys-L] big circuit

On 11/24/21 10:31 AM, Larry Smith wrote:

What are the opinions of the group about the really long circuit?

On 11/24/21 11:26 AM, I wrote:

Perhaps I can answer a video with a video:

And along the same lines:

If you want to understand the physics:

I wish the veritasium guy would make more of an effort to
understand the subject matter before spouting off.


FWIW I have seen the "big circuit" experiment actually performed,
using many many big spools of waveguide. I don't recall the exact
details, but it was something like 100 km total. The point was to
check on the shape of the pulse that emerged at the far end.

The point was not to check on the timing, because that was well
predicted, and no serious person had any doubt about it. Even
so, the timing was measurable. The receiver was about 1 meter
away from the transmitter. I guarantee you the pulse did not
arrive 1 m / c after it was sent. It wasn't exactly 100 km / c
either, but it was a lot closer to the latter than the former.