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[Phys-L] Blue color heated steel

M R Carabajal via Phys-l <>To:phys-l@mail.phys-l.orgCc:rcarabaj@gmail.comMon, Oct 4 at 9:26 AMHello

I would greatly appreciate a bibliographic indication on the subject of
heating steel. I have not been able to find a clear explanation of the
reason for the blue color, that steel presents when heated to about 600
Kelvin.  /snip/

Thanks very much for your attention.


I keep hoping to run across some academic paper that shows the optical index of the surface layerof smooth reheated steel increases faster than the oxide layer depth, so accounting for the paradoxical order  of temper colors in carbon steel  with increasing temperature: straw(480K),orange, blue, deep blue (600K),   light blue (640K), then gray around 700K.I really jumped on BCs cite - until I found it lies behind a paywall. Pity! ;

Anyone with access?