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Re: [Phys-L] [**External**] Re: covid modeling, LGBTQ risks

While I do not want to feed any trolls, and while I agree that we should
try to keep to the mission here, at the same time it feels wrong to ignore
that in this most odious posting, even if the (unsourced) premises are
correct, it is extremely wrong-headed and offensive to label LGBTQ as a
life-style choice, and an unhealthy one at that. Such postings really
belong on a platform like Twitter, where the reader can selectively block
or choose to respond with the tone and language that the post merits.

On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 1:06 PM bernard cleyet <> wrote:

Well, I think his question, aside from his “political?” belief(s) is
valid, assuming his premises are true. I think, as I wrote previously,
being in a minority, any minority, may be stressful, so, therefore, that
likely will make one more subject to covid-19, any microbial disease, or
stress induced disease (sarcoid, lupus, etc.?).

I presume the majority of us think not accepting of minorities, be they
South Saharans, Asians, etc. or Gay and Lesbians is a no no in teachers.

On 2020/Apr/03, at 09:00, Larry Smith via Phys-l <>

I believe the criteria for posting should be less about whether we agree
with the sentiments or arguments provided and more about whether a post
relates to the mission/mandate/charter of the list — physics teaching in
this case. It is on that basis that I believe Bill should post elsewhere on
his LGBTQ suggestions.


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