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Re: [Phys-L] covid modeling, LGBTQ risks

Well, I think his question, aside from his “political?” belief(s) is valid, assuming his premises are true. I think, as I wrote previously, being in a minority, any minority, may be stressful, so, therefore, that likely will make one more subject to covid-19, any microbial disease, or stress induced disease (sarcoid, lupus, etc.?).

I presume the majority of us think not accepting of minorities, be they South Saharans, Asians, etc. or Gay and Lesbians is a no no in teachers.

On 2020/Apr/03, at 09:00, Larry Smith via Phys-l <> wrote:

I believe the criteria for posting should be less about whether we agree with the sentiments or arguments provided and more about whether a post relates to the mission/mandate/charter of the list — physics teaching in this case. It is on that basis that I believe Bill should post elsewhere on his LGBTQ suggestions.