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Re: [Phys-L] (no subject)

In the context of amateur radio,
on 3/22/20 5:05 AM, Bill Norwood via Phys-l wrote:

- Were there any evesdroppers?

Of course. It's radio.
Only with difficulty is it possible to conjure situation where a radio
signal could not be eavesdropped.

OTOH eavesdropping on almost any radio signal is illegal: 47 CFR 2.701.

- Did anyone Morse with you who wasn’t who he Morsed he was?

Possible, but illegal and unlikely. If somebody used a callsign that
belonged to somebody else, the true owner would complain. If they used
a callsign that didn't belong to anybody, that too would be noticed.

47 CFR 97.113(4)

- Was there any virus analog?

You mean like urban legends? Viral legends predate radio by thousands
of years. They predate urbanization. They predate written language.

- What was the blocking method when one wished to deflect certain

It's illegal to jam anybody's radio communication, Morse or otherwise.
It's illegal to make, import, buy, sell, advertise, or use a jamming
device: 47 CFR 2.803.

Unless you are an agency of the US government, there is not even a
process for applying for an exemption. 47 CFR 2.807. You might
think a state prison would be allowed to operate a cell-phone jammer,
but they're not.

Broadway theaters would love to jam cell phone signals, but they would
be subject to huge fines, and the FCC has no sense of humor about it.

- Were there any products promoted via Morse code?

Via Morse? Yes, of course.

Via amateur radio? Commercial advertising is illegal, but a discussion
of this-or-that product is OK so long as there is no "pecuniary interest".

47 CFR 97.113(2) and especially (3).

- Was there ever any encrypted Morse?

Morse? Of course. Encryption is thousands of years older than telegraphy,
not to mention radio. Morse has been encoded for compression as well as
privacy since the earliest days of telegraphy.

Amateur radio? Secret codes are illegal. OTOH an open code (for compression)
is OK. Also authentication.

47 CFR 97.113(4)

- Did military Morse code have any special characteristics?

Encrypted for secrecy, unlike amateur radio.