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Re: [Phys-L] (no subject)

- I never Morsed, hence some questions:
- ( Notably I did talk with the chickens, cattle etc, but I suppose that is a different topic.)
- Were there any evesdroppers?
- Did anyone Morse with you who wasn’t who he Morsed he was?
- Was there any virus analog?
- What was the blocking method when one wished to deflect certain Morsers?
- Were there any products promoted via Morse code?
- Was there ever any encrypted Morse?
- Did military Morse code have any special characteristics?
Bill Norwood
UMD 1966-2018

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On Mar 22, 2020, at 4:29 AM, Bob Sciamanda via Phys-l <> wrote:

When I was a boy of 14 I was a Ham Radio Operator. We built radio
transmitters and chatted with others world wide.
Now modern technology lets EVERYONE do this via the internet using
facebook, etc and cell phones. We used both Phone and Morse Code. Now it is
Voice and Texting!

Bob Sciamanda
Physics, Edinboro Univ of PA (em)
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