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[Phys-L] A Journal of the Plague Year

Constructive suggestion and action item:

Any facility that relies on blow-dryers to the exclusion of paper
towels in the restrooms should be vehemently encouraged to install
paper towel dispensers NOW.

Then encourage people to use towels to close the faucets and open
the doors.

Even better (but harder to arrange) is:
-- No faucet handles at all: motion activated.
-- No door handles at all: zig-zag for privacy, or kick-open doors.

Personal rationale: You don't want to touch anything after washing.

Institutional rationale: This is good practice in general *and*
you want to avoid a situation where somebody comes back later and
says you didn't take precautions, even after you were warned.
Horrendous liability.


Yeah, I know this is not central to the phys-l charter, but you
can't do physics or education if everybody's got the plague.